Apollo the African Grey parrot is learning to groom Soleil and Ophelia the Caique sister’. He’s getting better about learning their boundaries.

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    17 replies to "Apollo’s Learning to Groom the Girls"

    • Echoes91🖤ndless🤍

      Does he taste like sherbert? Lol

    • Aditya Kumari

      Probably he applied a bit more strength, and they started fighting when he realised that he had to only "Touch" them softly. 😂

    • Delight Loves Movies

      Those are lovely birds

    • Vidyarani Rao

      So cute he is good

    • Thias2Can13

      What is the difference between solely and Ophelia?

    • BloodTea

      has apollo picked up any of their sounds?

    • Shadia

      Awwww did not know Apollo had sisters or maybe sister wives

    • Jaden Brown

      Yummy, taste like chicken 👀

      I'm sorry 🤣

    • Allison Schucht

      Pretty birdies

    • Sloane Snow


    • rainingtrees

      Awwww so sweet😭 He's a loving boy he just doesn't know his own strength lol. He's learnin tho!

    • Vashy434

      Apollo going to get cancelled with a video title like that.

    • Darrin Nunyah

      "You bit me too hard. Swordfight!!!"

    • Linda Hale

      Gotta take care of my girls, ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 ya'll. Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹

    • dee carpio

      So beautiful 😍 💖

    • Zunair Birds

      So cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Susan Tyler

      Easy, gentle Apollo. Hes a good boy!

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