Apollo the African Grey and Soleil and Ophelia the White-Bellied Caique parrots are starting to get along very well.

    29 replies to "Apollo Wants to Interact with the Caique Sisters"

    • Kurt Kr

      Apollo was like “da fak u touch me for bich”

    • Mooky O

      Apollo knew right away he had gone a little too far. I can't believe how gentle and loving he was being to his sisters. And that's right Apollo always leave them wanting more! Good advice! 🙂

    • Patrick Glaser

      Apollo could crush that caiques beak, be careful…

    • Spirit Matter

      It’s important to end on a good note. Funny how the sisters lack curiosity about Apollo.

    • Kevser K

      Awww sooo cute 🥺❤️ didn’t realize caiques have such bright colors, that’s a good camera you’re using there 👍

    • • RobinAndBiscuit •

      Seeing Apollo try to make friends is so cute! He'll get there eventually 🙂

    • Mel Stiller

      Practice makes perfect, Apollo!

    • Nazmi KAPBAŞ

      Caique sister's beak looks alot like pistachio. So Apollo tries to open it as it does to pistachios lol.

    • Maria Cristina Bruschi

      Tori and Dalton, will you contemplate a meet and greet with Apollo for locals? I live in Orlando but I'll gladly make the trip!

    • Maria Cristina Bruschi

      this simply melts my HEART!!!!!

    • Malgorzata Krawczyk

      Omg they so cute all if them , you're doing a great job 😊🎉

    • Donna Mealy

      You are so good with your birds. Thanks for sharing 🦋

    • Chian

      nibbles Ophelia's feathers G L A S S

    • Becki

      All of them are sooo cute 😍

    • Mary Sea

      I love Apollo's calm,nice personality,it's not a surprise he gets along well with the other birds. The three of them are adorable!😍😍🐦🐦🐦

    • Treechris23

      Precious trio here❤️❤️❤️😁

    • Coldkill2001

      Damn, Apollo’s got game

    • Bharat Mata Ki Jai

      Omigosh, such cutieeeee pie darlings!!!!! Was that a parrot kiss 😘😘😍🥰

    • Nancy Rode


    • echo flower

      Hi! I love Apollo and the sisters! I just wanted to know: why don't they have rings? Usually parrots have rings on their feet, specially if they are exotic species, they are microchiped/ adopted? ☺

    • Jelly man

      Hi, I just subbed yesterday and Apollo has the brains of the Greek god! (Since he is part God of prophecies!) (I'm talking about the Greek god before this)

    • Alexanne Stone

      Really nicely done. Loved the touch word teaching.

    • sophiexp

      yes! more caique sisters please they are so cute!! 😁💛🧡

    • Petri Pika

      Are you gonna let him be a father?

    • Janus

      The intelligence is astounding, this is almost exactly how people act when they’re introducing young children! Also love the firm correction from one of the sisters, and the fact that Apollo recognizes it!

    • unknown

      these parrots are so dam cute 😆💜💜

    • Lois Fox

      Your birds are lovely creatures ❤️

    • Dhana Lakshmi

      Please upload more videos like this one

    • Kit Ridge

      Is one of the birds named Soleil? I love that name!

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