Kinda’ what our daily practice looks like. The sisters are super distracting for Apollo, and we usually work with them separately.

We try to keep questioning light-hearted and without punishment. Apollo is really close to learning the label for “Croc,” so we’re really trying to finish that one. You can definitely see his confusion dealing with croc/cork/rock.
And I guess now SHROCK.

Apollo is our 3 year-old African Grey parrot we’ve had since December 2020.

Founder of Shrock and renowned GLASS connoisseur.

Follow us to see what happens when you raise a talking parrot as a human!


    19 replies to "Apollo Training with his Sisters – Caiques"

    • One Salty boi

      No step on pistach

    • Amy

      I love the baby crocs

    • Karmel

      Okey, Apollo was mimicking YOUR voice all the time. Now it's confusing…

    • M Murphy

      Apollo's favourite color this episode is contrary!…

    • Auschwitz Soccer Ref.

      Aww and two Lemon birbs

    • Auschwitz Soccer Ref.

      Love this parrot! He deserves a pistache!

      That other grey parrot channel annoys me how they add subtitles to him as if Gizmo is actually saying those words.

    • Nancy

      Apollo seems to get tired of the word games that go on in length and I'm wondering if shorter training times might work better for him. He does better at the beginning of these than later. Also he's very smart and I think he notices that the girls only have to do one thing to get a treat and he has to do three. More fairness training and less grueling sessions in his eyes might, lend to more and longer cooperation.

    • Sunny McNair

      How do you keep them from pooping on your couch? Are they potty trained somehow?

    • Sunny McNair

      What’s on your hand?

    • Apollo1011

      Apollo seems irritated, doesn't feel like answering questions today 😅

    • Kimlast

      Please don't be so harsh to Apollo

    • J Steere

      Is he turning these birds into circus animals.

    • Darlene Korson

      Too much going on. Hard to learn and confuses them I think.

    • Black Sunshine

      This is MAGIC!

    • Andrew Watrous

      I think the reason that Apollo is struggling with colors is because birds see way more colors than humans

    • - Soushi -

      seeing the tiny crocs makes me want to see appollo wearing them, i wonder if they would fit though… if they dont im sure that it would be possible to make some

    • TheCandiceWang

      What are the names of the Caiques?

    • Nameless Navnløs

      I love that Ophelia likes to shake her treats before chowing down. Lol.

    • Mike Boothe

      I think Apollo was getting bored.

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