Found a Dragonfly on the ground outside, decided to see what Apollo and our Caique’s thought of it.

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    27 replies to "Apollo Reacts to a Dragonfly 🐉"

    • Michele 'HemlokHex' White

      They should eat that bug lol

    • TODD Miles

      DONT BUG ME!!

    • michelle L

      If you've never been bitten by a dragonfly let me inform you that it hurts like a son of a b****!! They might know what that is

    • Sonya Fazio

      Love how they don't like the bug but have to go look at it again!

    • silvet

      If that's a scented plug in, they are bad for birds. So are household cleaners, non stick cookware. If you goggle it, you can find a more comprehensive list of things you shouldn't have/ use near birds. Best wishes for your birds and you.

    • ThatNoobKing

      Apollo jumpscare

    • Ruthie D.

      Aww, good boy, Apollo! "is it a bug?" So cute🩷

    • MrsA

      He is so smart!

    • Monkey Dad

      I mean, from his perspective that thing is bigger than his entire head. I'd be pretty scared too if something that big got that close to me.

    • Gustavo Barriga


      Last known word from Tori.

    • Ms. Artichoke Cheese pizza w stuffed chz crust

      Soon I’ll be getting a bird like Apollo and I was curious how to train it and kinda the daily process routine ?

    • Scott

      Love how he did the "come here" whistle before charging, you were warned!

    • Debbie Johnson

      They're all like yeah you can keep that bug over there……..😳😳😳

    • Nitzy Black

      I reacted the same way to dragonflies when I was little 😄

    • Captain KG

      "It's a bug D:"

    • Ricardo Cantoral

      WAAAH! 😆

    • Kim Rodriguez

      I’m afraid of dragon 🐉-flies, too, and I’m a 62 year old woman😳!

    • Dipti Mayee Baral

      I love Apolo

    • SamSparks

      Solei and Ophelia's reactions to the bug are genuine moods;
      "Oh my god, what is thaaat?"
      "Ew why are you bringing that near me?!"

    • sweetpeaamzn

      They are afraid….

    • Lu D

      Apollo is like I'm not scared I just refuse to engage the giant bug

    • Jeanette LeBarron

      YIKES ITS A BUG. !!!!!

    • JP

      It always brings me so much joy to see Apollo and his sisters hanging out together in harmony. Such a sweet little family. I love all 3 of them so much lol.

    • Liam McCoy

      ah! new bug! 😱

    • Ashley Ervin

      Looks like the ewwwwwww factor is universal…..though I love bugs.

    • e schwarz

      Apollo like "bug, bug ok, get that thing away from me"

    • fresh smile

      Rare footage of dinosaurs 🦖 vs Dragon 🐲

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