Soleil wins tug of war yet again.

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    14 replies to "Another Soleil W 💅"

    • Barbara Clerc

      Nice but it makes me sad that we never see them fly free outside….

    • Suzanne Henning

      Apollo is being a bully!

    • Jamie Mooney

      "The Twins" are relentless lol
      Like seein em have fun 2gether!!

    • cherokeegirl

      Oooohhhhh Miss S is that little sister that's tough & stubborn. 😂

    • Gracemandang Elke

      Apolo so smart biird😀🤗❤

    • Mile Georgiev


    • Babita Pathak

      😄😄 Very naughty 👌

    • Cathleen Salisbury

      Appolo: dad says share😮 Solie : 😅No he didn't

    • Jessica Whelchel

      At least Apollo is gentle! I'm sure you know just keep scc eye out for toes during mating season. Love both the babies

    • Rezo

      They are so much like children. It's so crazy and adorable!

    • christopher graves

      How they are so entertained

    • green dragon

      She can really hold her own can't good for her❤❤❤❤

    • the_nikster

      I love how she ever so gently pushes Apollo's head away with her foot. she's so strong and classy. love it!

    • Monica Clark

      Your birds are so comical! Having a little tug-of-war.

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