What do I like about the idea of adding an Amazon versus a Caique?

Amazons are more interested in people (in my experience); Caiques like people too, but they want fun and adventure!

Caiques are super-friendly, probably more family-oriented; Amazons can be one-person birds and they can get aggressive towards anyone else.

Caiques live about 30 to 40 years; Amazons around 50

Caiques don’t show evidence of fear – at all! My Yellow-naped Amazon is nervous around my Caique!

Amazons talk and talk (of course, not all of them, it depends on them and how much they are taught); Caiques are not known for being talkers.

Both are wonderful and amazing – which is why we have both. Love them! Caiques love people – maybe they can’t decide whether they love people, adventure or adventures with people more!

Amazons are dedicated to you, they love your time and attention (true of parrots in general, but Amazons have this in a unique way).

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    10 replies to "Amazon or Caique"

    • ʘɖɨɲɳ

      U look like an actress ur beautiful

    • Bonnie G. Bell

      Can you tell us more about Indian Ring-neck parrots. And if you were in your den watching TV could your Caquiue & your Indian Ringneck be with you watching TV or would your Caquiue attract your Indian Ringneck?

    • bandawhat33

      I like Mitred conures, blue crown conures, and amazons the best. Caiques are cool but like she said in the video the amazons are more personable towards their owners.

    • Spirit

      Would you recommend getting both? We’re looking to get both and we are wondering what challenges we might face if we have both.

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      So you never answered my question I asked on one of you're vidoes a few days ago about caiques..

    • Ali Alyasi

      How much is the Caique cost in the uae

    • Jan Kelley

      From 1979 to 1989 I had a yellow fronted Amazon. When I got her she was 55. She bonded very quickly with me and although she would tolerate men, she did not like them. She would wait for the opportune moment to nail them. I trained her to poop on command. She knew nursery rhymes (hickory dickory dock and little bo peep), she could cry like a baby, call the dogs, ask if whatever someone was eating was good and many other things. She could be noisy, mostly in the morning and evening. She loved sleeping on me. When I lost her it broke my heart. She was not as nippy as my Caiques. When I say nippy I mean they pinch. I have never been bitten by any of them. My husband has been nailed twice. He’s not good at reading their body language. They are non stop busy. They need a tremendous amount of attention and tons of toys. Mine are out most of the time with cage breaks when I have company or I’m cooking. I think they’d be ok with a responsible older child, with supervision. For me, my crazy girls are the best.☺️

    • Rebecca Davidson

      I always wondered why they bite us when they don’t want anyone else 😮🤗❤️

    • Rebecca Davidson

      I agree with you! Cs are playful comical! And so sweet! And independent? Yeah🤗 Amazons are cool parrots 👍♥️🦜

    • Kids&Fids

      Aww thank you so much for making this video! I'm pretty sure my kids would choose the caique, but since I take care of all the animals, I'm leaning towards an amazon. My kiddos can always play with our sweet green cheek. 😊

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