Apollo, Soleil, and Ophelia have been getting along so well.

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    13 replies to "Allopreening 🥰"

    • Николай Манчак

      Какие прелестные, милые птички😍😍😍

    • Dirt Sanchez

      Save it for your OnlyFans bruh!

    • Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harassment

      Parrots are the most interesting of birds.

    • Ley Ask


    • Mellie Chovexani

      T,T So Precious


      So that’s why they nip your hand when you preen them- I was wondering why my bird was doing the same 😂

    • Max O.

      The dirty side-eye in the thumbnail makes him look like a dinosaur 🦕

    • Friendly_Neighborhood_Dozer

      “Please don’t stop”

    • Tank Fighter

      The "ooh" just killed me. So adorable.

    • Thomas M Leahy

      Give him some scratches under his feathers, gently, under his wings. Lay him upside down and pretend to eat em up. Raspberries don't work as well as with babies. Hang from your finger by his beak?

    • Annette Mason

      Oh that coo is just beautiful 😍

    • volvodoc01

      I wonder if the cooing Apollo is doing is intended to have a calming effect on his sisters (basically saying “yo I’m just chilling…only good vibes”) ??

    • Karrie Marino

      The ❤ between your birds is priceless. My AF parrot lived 31 years she was the best bird.

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