In this episode, we dive into the cuteness of caiques! Join us as we explore the unique personalities of these lively parrots. From their playful antics to their affectionate nature, we chat about why caiques are so fun and what they are like as pets!

But that’s not all – we also lift the curtain on the fascinating life of a birbfluencer. Ever wondered what it’s really like behind the Instagram reels and viral videos? Learn about the joys and challenges of sharing your life with a feathered friend on social media.

Key Points:
🦜 Caiques personalities
🦜 Caique parrots as pets
🦜 Lala and Dobby’s story
🦜 Caique bite force
🦜 How loud are they?
🦜 White bellied vs Black headed Caiques
🦜 What it’s like being a birbfluencer!
🦜 Funny facts about Lala and Dobby

Special Guests:
Lala, Dobby and their Dad! @_lala_dobby_

“Caiques are more energy full than most parrots, they always want to be the middle of your world”. – Ilkhan   

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0:00-5:15 Introduction
5:16-9:08 What are Caiques like?
9:09-10:00 How Loud do they get?
10:01-11:22 How to tell Caiques apart
11:23-12:10 Lala and Dobby’s Personalities
12:11-16:49 Mating and Biting
16:50-19:33 Caiques MARCHING & Training
19:32-22:51 Challenges and Considerations
22:52-25:10 Favourite types of toys
25:11-26:06 Is Dobby named from Harry Potter?
26:07-28:00 Lala & Dobby’s Fav treats
28:01-33:13 Health issues with Caiques
33:14-40:00 Life as BIRBFLUENCERS
40:01-44:58 Fun Questions

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    10 replies to "All about Caiques as pets and life of a birbfluencer!😆 | The Parrot Podcast #30"

    • @burimsaliji23

      Hi dear friends 😊 here from Instagram 😊🤗♥️ cacique 😊 they are just the best ❤ I love Lala and Doby they are just thw cutest little birbos ever 😊❤

    • @esthervanderveere1014

      Thank you for making these awesome podcasts ❤ Always looking forward to a new one. I have a green cheek conure and it's nice to learn about parrots. We're never done with learning 😂

    • @yaseminermis3042

      ❤❤Lala Dobby❤❤

    • @_lala_dobby_

      Amazing! Thank you for the interview 🙂

    • @misalysgarcia9402

      Dinosaurs tendency 😂😂😂

    • @anne-lauriegenest4629

      Lala and Dobby 🤩🥰

    • @susannemichelsen8879

      OMG that is so awesome that you have a podcast with Caiques today. They are darn cute. ❤❤

    • @Queen324

      Thank you both it was so fun and informative!

    • @Queen324

      Mine has drawn blood before but only bites when she is nervous. So it doesn’t happen often. Typically after she has had too many nuts, after 3 or 4 pine nuts it is like she goes crazy so I don’t feed her that type of nut often and limit it to 1 or 2.

    • @Queen324

      I have a Ciaque, mine is no way as loud as a MaCaw. Full of energy oh my goodness constantly on the move. She wrestles with everything. You can see her thinking when she is looking around it is because she is looking for something to get into. I have the cutest video of her wrestling, I would love to share with you.

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