African Grey, Caique, Hahns Macaw??? Bird Consultantation with a Parsi Family- Part 1

In this video you will see Mr. Cama visit Salman’s Exotic Pet Store for Consultation of selecting the right kind of bird which will suit his lifestyle and similarly he gives a better life to the bird

. Mr. Salman Merchant is an Exotic Bird Expert , Owner of Salman’s Exotic Pet Store and Known for Exclusive Consultation for Exotic birds.

He suggested him 3 birds in Meduim size… African Grey, Caique, Hahns Macaw.

Watch the full video to know which bird he selects and gain much required knowledge for giving a better life to your exotic bird.

For one to one Pet Consultation and other details call us now on 9920777055 and fix your appointment..

    14 replies to "African Grey, Caique or Hahns Macaw??? Bird Consultation with a Parsi Family – Part 1"

    • Dimond Companions

      Hahns Macaw, Yellow Collar Macaw are purely underrated species 😓
      All mini macaws have wonderful personality they can be trick trained much more easily & some of them are good talkers

    • subhabrata Ganguly

      Nice advise bro

    • Aaadi

      It's one of the best channel I have subscribed to see about birds ..from uttrakhand

    • Lovson Monis

      Can you show us all the birds you have for sale

    • Melanie Simpson

      Great consultation. I have a female African Grey that is a great talker. I've had her for 34 years. She was 13 weeks old when I picked her up and handed of course.The caiques are super cute as well. I'm retired and will be getting a Hahn's Macaw soon.. What parrot did this family decide on?

    • Mohammad Suhail

      is grey one person bird, because we are 3 siblings and we want a bird that equally likes us

    • Skmahbub Alam

      Salman sir Nell filer kaha se milaga??

    • Rehan Sayyed

      yeh acha karte ho sir aap sath sath birds ke pics & videos bhi attach kar ke

    • Jay Ajai

      Can you show us a tour of your exotic bird store

    • Sumiit Arora

      Voice not proper bhai ji

    • Poiuyt Trewq

      Consultation level is stupendous
      Excellent job….


      I always used to feel that Hahns macaws scream a lot. Actually I had read it some where. Thanks for telling the fact.


      A very informative video

    • Patel Kanuk5357

      Bhai mene aap ki A to Z video like kiya

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