How old ago, adding a second bird to your flock? Would a by the way you Golden Conure get along with a Caique?
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    8 replies to "Adding a 2nd Parrot, Caique + Golden? Work? |#parrot_bliss"

    • CVArts

      I have a lovebird, what would be a good 2nd bird? I'm thinking a budgie or a cocktiel.

    • Yesid Tac

      Muy raras esas semillas

    • Lisa Culver

      Love your videos Kalyn and all the info!❤️. Would you review the White Eyed Conure? They sound wonderful! Cant find much on them or videos. Don’t understand why there’s not more of them! Thanks!

    • Hug Bloom

      So interesting to hear that parrots gravitate to their own species. Makes sense. We are still preparing and exploring which species would fit with us best and we were thinking two parrots of related species (e.g. two different ringnecks or two different poicephalus or two different conures) would be much better than less related parrots. But maybe we should be thinking of two of the same species. For me it does depend on what birds happen to be at the rescue when we are ready to bring someone home. I'm curious do you know if a friendly/bonded pair of birds end up at a Rescue often? (I don't mean breeding pair)

    • France Touchette

      Hi Kalyn thanks for the video great info! You explain very well!!!

    • UniMorgs !

      This video was EXACTLY what I needed! You are exactly right – I need to choose what is best for my Joy bird first. Getting a second caique is best (as long as they get along 🤦🏼‍♀️). Then, when I can afford it I can get the 2 golden conures! Good choices are important.

    • Kayse Campfield

      I love your content! I am in the “decision” phase for my next parrot.

    • Susan Kneisz

      You have taught me a lot about the different birds. I’m getting two hahns macaws.I was wondering how much room do they need to fly and would it be a good idea to have an aviary built for them

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