Black headed caique parrot – Scout – is so excited she can’t control it!

    9 replies to "A Very Over Excited Caique Parrot!"

    • Andrew Semryck

      I don’t know if that is molting or not on your Caique that is over excited, but if the bird does look like that all the time it may be malnutrition. I recently lost my Caique from malnutrition from mainly a seed diet. They need chop which is veggies as many as you can chop up in a blender and on a pellet diet in place of seeds. About 70% veggies and 30% quality pellets. Of course treats of seeds fruit nuts. Just trying to help. Hopefully they are on healthy diets already and just molting. Great companions.

    • Tina Bell

      Listening to Cake eating cake and watching Caique 💙💜🧡🌻

    • Neversaw

      The trying to fight then the little cute peeps lol

    • Ryan Michalski

      Who in they right mind would want to take care of these little bastards?

    • Yamuna devi

      His on a right one lol

    • Darlene Fraser

      LOL – the moulting one is all, “This is MY table. You just TRY to do anything about it!”

    • Emre Kara

      You have a hot neighbor

    • gary newman

      He’s excited about the blonde not the food

    • BLAM

      "Sup bro! Come at me bro!" "Hey man, I'm just trying to eat"

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