The babies are now 9 weeks old. They have all learned how to fly this week. I have trimmed just the very tips of their wings so that they can still fly pretty far distances, but they can not fly to high places where I can not reach them.

They are all doing very well and all of them are very sweet and outgoing!!

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    • Scott Krieman

      my wife and I are talking about getting one of these birds.
      do you have any for sale now?

    • Malfoy’s bitch

      I currently have a 8 week old Caique and she’s still on her baby food every few days but she’s eating lots of fruit

    • 戴美芳


    • Smash-ter

      Wish I can have one

    • Chhaya Kadam

      savi.. give me one (baby white caiques bullied) adopted.
      On December 24, Mumbai's black-fencingboardboard, our Vithu Pahari Parrot (red color is one of our members in our house), because of which there is no strength in his wings, he can not fly much. The possibility of wounding can not be ruled out .Why the sister was injured He got treatment from Dr., who had an emotional investment from that I am still trying to find out the members of the family who are unhappy, if you have seen him or if you have come, then we have 10 years of association with Vithu and thank him further.

    • Arbër Rusi

      Beautiful 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    • Clutch Cargo

      What a great world we could have if we had more people like the both of you.

    • Autumn W

      so. cuTE!!!!

    • ME 2805

      Nice🐣🐣🐣,I have love bird babys,6 week old!

    • Spartan A111

      2017 anyone?

    • Tam Finley


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