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You fell in love – and then your Caique parrot started eating your keyboard, which you weren’t happy about, but your fingers too! Now that’s not going to fly!

Could it be possible that, if you understood your Caique parrot better, then you’d know how to get along better and you’d have less biting?

Here are 5 ways you can work to improve your experience. These will help you understand things like:
1 – Young parrots go through a ’teething’ stage
2 – They don’t have hands, so they ‘feel’ the world with their beaks
3 – They may be weaned, but they still expect to be fed
4- Sometimes they are asking a question!

Watch to learn what the question is, why I allow them to beak my fingers (not cut skin/make me hurt or bleed) and what the 5th things is you can do to improve your experience and increase your bond!

Mission: Help you create a blissful bond with your parrot- reducing the need for parrot rescues.

Finding Bliss for you and your parents through diet, bonding and understanding more about a parrot’s world.
Parrots are my bliss! I currently have 17 species and have had several others too. I love learning about them and have experts that I talk to when I want to learn something about them to avoid contradictory or incorrect information.
As the author of “The Parrot Bliss Bond,” I love and welcome questions about having a parrot and creating one of the best experiences of your life!
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    8 replies to "5 Ways To Handle A #Caique #Parrot That Bites #Parrot_Bliss"

    • badoor al- holibi


      I have female caique two things I want ask you ….

      1- She let Gas comes out of her mouth that smells like moldy milk, but not constantly when she is 4 months… and now she is a year old. It has been constantly…. Frankly, it bothers me🤢 and I'm also afraid😖 that it is problem in her stomach😰!!

      2- she always wants lick my skin😑😑 how I can make her stop ✋️ 😩

    • floridamadman59

      I now have a very aggressive Golden conure! He’s young and he is hanging out with his female partner! They are young! Help!

    • jenny yeet

      I have a caique parrot and I got him a week ago and first he was so scared then I did the trick where I put my hand in the cage for 5-10 minutes a day and now when I go near him he starts being aggressive can someone please help me ?

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      So question I have two males as you already know one is a white bellied and the other is a black headed caique both are around 7months now the white bellied is closer to 8months and they have been together since they were both a little over a month old , They share the same cage , Now I am planning on getting two female white bellied caiques for the both of them and I was also planning on buying a macaw size cage to cage all four together until they are adults and then I'll pair them of in groups of two male/female when they are around 2years , what are your thoughts on having four caiques caged together in a macaw sized caged assuming they all get along of course while they are still young?

    • Ja Pat

      Thank you for this video.

    • Kristie Jennings

      Caiques seem like awesome birds.
      I do the same thing with our ceiling fan. My birds have never gone near it.

    • Chad B

      I've been told by so many parrot store owners not to get Caiques because they supposedly turn mean and aggressive after a while. I don't know who or what to believe anymore…

    • Jan Lee Kelley

      Very good video. People get very discouraged with a beaky bird. One of my girls is very beaky. She is a pincher and a licker. I gently push her away from my face and refocus her. Being a Caique that lasts for about 30 seconds. When she was younger she would test the pressure of her beak. You made a very good point in saying their beaks are like their hands. ☺️

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