Taming your bird and gaining its trust is the first step to building a bond with your bird! If you’re getting a bird for the first time, here are 5 tips on how to tame your bird and gain its trust! When it comes to gaining your bird’s trust, always remember to be patient and let your bird come to you!

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    • aosakaeru

      My grandfather loves birds, but he always kept them in a cage because he isnt very good at showing affection to people and animals, I wanted to try being friends with his birds and for them to trust me so he can hold them and see how birds are actually social and loving 💖

    • I would hate to be your toes

      Your playing resident evil 8

    • Serenely

      My bird is already eating from my hands on the first day but they accidentally flew out their cage one day and now they keep begging to be freed its getting very loud

    • Some1

      I just got my bird today, I’m very excited to earn its trust / love and teach it tricks

    • Li Shang

      actually really good to handle your bird right away after you get it because it gets it acclimated easier to being handled by you in turn making training the bird a lot quicker and easier. also keeping it in its cage at first will teach it that it's cages the safe place and it won't want to leave the cage.

    • Kingdede Fatboi

      just get a longneck rifle and knock it out and tame it

    • Resetti

      What if your birb is on their little wooden sticks and looking in the corner.

    • DaGuest

      I feel like i did something wrong since i can semi hand feed my lovebird cause he's terrified of me and the way i try to hand feed him is giving him bits from outside the cage with my fingers or trying to normal hand feed him.. but he may have gotten used to the outside the cage thing since when i try to hand feed him he bites my fingers thinking i was still feeding him with my fingers :v

    • insanely gamer

      8 ye1r old me trapped a lost bird and this finally made it trust me

    • MR 666

      it took months to gain my ring necks trust i was given her on the advice that she wasnt a social bird and bit everybody i left her cage open at the end of my bed and let her choose to come to me i in essence went about my business and ignored her for the most part in the end she lived under my beard she only bit when provoked but ultimately i was the only one that could handle her even my wife wouldn't go near her she died 5 years ago it destroyed me ive only just bought another bird yesterday an alexandrine

    • vinnie050

      Im getting a eclectus male very exited! Edit he is still a baby so it gonna be little bit more easey to trust me

    • Butterflies roblox

      My bird died in one day because a cat scratched him and he has a wound and he can’t move then I
      Left him to rest I opened the cage and then he was laying dead
      On the ground
      I couldn’t cry more

    • Timila

      I have a baby parrot it's been 2 months since its birth and isk how to tame them they are so scared of me and won't come near me betrayed

    • shareef saker

      Thank you so much this helps alot

    • Mariana Camacho

      Omg so helpful! My hubby rescued a parrot that was in our front yard. He’s a white cheeked Eastern Roselia and he’s got signs of neglect so we decided to keep him and nurse him to health. I’m so attached already 🥹❤️

    • Johanna Tamayo

      I had my bird for a year and I still didn’t seem mad

    • shravanplaz 32

      I have two african love bird..they r just months old..They are really scared of us.what i should do

    • budgie girl

      I have 2 budgies and I got one tame and one is not tame she gets really nervous when I try to get her tame and I need help with my taming I've had them for 8 months When she with me I can't do anything with her because she is living with her boyfriend and she wants to be with him

    • Seigfred Muller

      Hi!!! Nice video! I just got two budgies and both of them are in the same cage. One of them is super friendly and loves hopping onto my finger to take a walk around the house and play while the other one is still terrified of me. Will continuously sticking my hand in the cage to pick the friendly one up make bonding with the other budgie harder?

    • Grimm

      -put your birds in a room where your family or other members in the house frequent where they can get used to the environment
      -spend time around your bird's cage
      -pay attention to your bird's body language
      -use positive reinforcement
      -BE PATIENT. if you rush things you're just making it harder on yourself because then you're making the bird distrust you even more.

    • Ameera Shafi

      What is this birds name

    • It’s Lexi

      It only took a day for my bird to learn to get on me!

    • Melissa Harrison

      Yeah none of this worked for me. I tamed her my own way and it worked for us. She is a sweetheart.

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