Of course there are many more things you should train your parrot to do but I found these in particular were more of the urgent training tools.
1. Training them to get onto a carrier to go to the vet
2. Accepting liquids from syringes so its easier to administer medication if ever needed
3. Teaching them what windows and glass is to prevent injuries and head traumas
4. Recall training, helpful at home and if they ever escape the house increases your chances of getting them back
5. Wrapping them in a towel to restrain them if they are ever injured, need nail trimming or inspection
Hope these helped!

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    5 replies to "5 Things EVERY Bird Should Be Trained To Do"

    • Cindy De la garza

      i just got a quaker okay saturday, i am having trouble getting it to like me do you have any tips for me? and should i cut its wings so i can tame it?

    • Firoza Begum

      My Bird Knows All These….Thank You for this video….My bird's are pooping Machine

    • Obed

      Your eyes are so pretty

    • Nika

      Good video as always. I know most of those, but I wasn't thinking about some of those. I recall trained Bruno, he will come to me even if I am in the kitchen and he is in the room, but the sneaky birdie also know when not to come to me 😉 It may be connected with his puberty, because he looks at me, knowing what I want from him, but he refuse to come if he doesn't want to. But i am training this one with him from time to time. Window training is very important, although Bruno – if scared – will sometimes bump into the window but never very hard, usually I am keeping my windows a little dusty so they are not completely clear in this room – second thing, wild birds are no longer hitting this window ;). Towel training – I want to teach him this one, because he loves to bath, and after that he is completely wet, but even if I will turn heater on, it is 22 degrees Celsius, no more, in my room – because I keep this room kinda cold – so I want to dry him faster. But I believe we have first step behind, he is not afraid of any towel in the house, he is literally chewing on them, sitting on them etc. because I use big towels to cover my furniture and aquarium cables because it was no other way to stop Bruno from finding new inappropriate objects to chew. Plus he loves to be under the blanket or towel, he is then trying to sing opera I am sometimes trying to teach him – Der Holle Rache, he is really enjoying this one, can't sing whole melody yet but gets better and better 🙂 Syringe training – good point, i honestly, never thought about that one, and at some point it will be necessary, I hope that not in the next few years, but at some point, well, it will be needed so i need to buy syringe and try to make him familiar with it. One thing that will maybe help in this case is the fact that he was fed by a breeder, so he is not 100% unfamiliar with syringe. When it comes to transport, yes he kinda accept transporter – the cat transporting box/cage, I have one but I have it fully cleaned and disinfected, in the future I will probably buy transport cage for a birds 🙂 But coming back to the point, he is not unfamiliar with it, I brought him home with that transporting box/cage, he wasn't panicking because he was in the box, but he was scared because he was in a moving car, and even though I was knowing him literally for 10 minutes he was holding onto my hand through the cage doors. When it comes to the transporter itself, we still need a little bit of training because he doesn't like it, he is not terrified of it, but he is screaming at it from time to time. Sorry for the huge amount of the information about still anonymous parrot but i really enjoy writing those long comments under your, very helpful videos.

    • neeli

      These are really good points! Thanks for sharing. I didn't think about the blanket idea, will try it. I have a feeling it's gonna make him hormonal lool

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