2 brothers, Tiger and Sunny, who’ve been together since hatching from the same clutch of eggs. Our playing has only gotten better and more in tune over time. Quite amazing and unique birds these Caiqies. They can be demanding (think ADHD) and screech at times but it’s worth it. Best friends forever.

    14 replies to "4 year old White Bellied Caique Parrots"

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • Gloria Stiehl

      I never heard of caiques before until I saw them on YouTube. I love them..their noises, playfulness, laying on their backs, marching, everything about them. They're fun and beautiful birbs!!🦜🦜🧡🧡🤣🤣💋💋🥰🥰

    • Nanner Banana

      its so adorable how they hop around

    • gilbert dominguez


    • Jhozsa Aqua

      its not my kind of bird.. watching this makes me tired… lol..!!!

    • Rishabh Khetan


    • T. Purkess

      How does owning a caique compare to owning say a high energy dog? I have a cockatiel that I hand reared and so far, it’s been very rewarding and hasn’t taken up too much time, especially now that he/she is weaned. They’re perfectly happy to just chill with me all day when I’m working. But dogs are louder, messier, bigger and require a lot of attention and space to exercise yet I’ve heard all of those reasons used as reasons not to get a caique. I’m only wondering why they’re not more popular as pets, they just seem like flying puppies to me. You’ll have to excuse my ignorance on this, I’ve only kept budgies and a cockatiel and I appreciate caiques are different but are there any major drawbacks I’m missing?

    • LottaTroublemaker

      You should make them something like a Mini Jungle Gym/Agility Course/Caique Playground… They are such clowns… They’re just sooo cute❣️🤗

    • Sundae

      Aweeee! I love these little guys! I have a male caique, his name is Mario and he loves hopping.
      I got him round about may this year. So he’s quite new but he’s getting used to us, I saw him sliding his beak across our tiles!
      Good luck with your little birdies!

    • Marfantabulous

      You're so rough with them

    • maskman1980

      Happy birdies! I love mine.

    • ActionPanda

      Why clip it isnt it so bad, they wont even fly, what will happen if they are free around the house

    • TheEnderBand

      I only just learned about these things’ existence and I have been loving binging Caique videos… I would love to have one but I have no experience owning birds and I know they require a ton of stimulation and attention to be cared for properly and that they can get very possessive, hostel and aggressive towards other pets in the house if they become jealous or feel neglected. I have a dog who is a half husky and huskies are also known as a breed that requires a great deal of engagement and activity so I won’t underestimate the maintenance required of a bird like that…

      However I will continue to enjoy the fruits of all the other people who put in the effort of owning Caiques on YouTube’s labor because these little squeaky winged clowns are some of the most entertaining pets I’ve ever seen in my life… I still can’t believe it’s common for them to lie on their backs and allow their bellies to be played with while they kick upward like a cat or a dog; I’m not very familiar with birds but I have to wager that is an extremely rare characteristic for birds and watching them play is so fun

    • Steve Oh

      Been wanting to buy a caique but don't know where to find one

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