There are my top 4 tips to stop your bird from biting you! Which one resonates with you the most?!




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    30 replies to "4 Ways to Stop Parrots From Biting"

    • Can Can

      Nope! I have been bit too many times. My Gray has made it clear that I am not allowed to approach him without a towel on my hand 🤣

    • Hajer Alanazi

      It does need to learn

    • Carol Blackburn

      This will be long…sorry…First of all I think it's the season for my bird but we only just got her less than a month ago. She throws tantrums loves being out of cage tho but when she's out she grabs a hold of things and throws them remotes phones etc. I tell her no and she steps up she says bye bye when I do this cause she knows she's going back to cage but this last time I told her no stepped her up but once we got to cage and I started to open door she flapped screamed and bit me on the shoulder very hard. It was obvious she didn't wanna go back or have a timeout. Once she got in there she screamed for a bit but I ignored. My question is how do I correct this?? Please help! I don't wanna get bit like that again.

    • Joe Bean

      My ideas
      1 read parrot body language
      2 don’t push them to hard (and expect them to for example turn them upside down instantly)
      3 get diet right
      4 12 hours uninterrupted sleep

    • Pharez Charles

      I have a big kind of old parrot, Green of course, and he always bites or makes attempts to snap/bite at me or my mother whenever we both always trying and of course making sure that he's fed and comfy in the cage but whenever it comes down to him sleeping we always have a cloth or double cloth to cover him down but he snaps/bites at that to. Any
      suggestions for that?

      Plus edit: whenever me or my mother try to train him, he always bites at her mostly because I don't know exactly why.

      Plus, he's the type to join in to loud talking and makes his own annoyance, our behavior towards is mostly up and down because of reasons to complicated to explain honestly, Maybe due to reasons that our previous pets were dogs and they died in the hand of a person that we still live with…..

      Please, any suggestions and advice?

    • Michelle Adamson

      I have no idea what to do with my African gray every time I walk away from him he flys on me and bites down soooooo hard I love him but it's got me so nervous of walking wen he's out . He never used to do it but as soon as I moved house 7 yrs ago he started doing it 😢iv even thought of re homeing him wen I had to go to hospital because he went through my scalp n I needed my head glued

    • MaggieAnn Jarman

      I haven't been bit yet🤗
      And I say yet because I know it will happen at some point. He has been here about 9 weeks now.
      Taz is a blue and gold Macaw and is 27 years old. His owner passed away and we inherited him. Anyway… I let Taz out of the cage on his own terms. When he's ready to come out. I open the door and sit on the floor and call him to come down and out. He usually comes to me pretty quickly for pets and morning talks and songs and stuffed animal sharing time. This bird is obsessed with them. He doesn't tear them up anywhere at all. He loves and kisses them like they are his babies. Oh and he plays with a leapfrog keyboard. It's so daggon cute !

    • Anonymous

      My Amazon parrot is MEAN. I'm the only one he bites, along with my dad. There seems to be no reason for it. He shows his foot to get onto my finger, and then he bites. It's like he takes his aggression out on me. His bite is not exactly soft either! He also regularly screams at me, and it's the sort of deafening heightened scream that can give one mild ptsd. I honestly feel so done with him, but as it's a family parrot I don't have the power to get rid of him.

    • ozarkarts

      But what about baby birds that are not being aggressive but are just curious and checking you out? I visited the 14-week old baby caique that I will take home once it is weaned today, and it bit me a couple of times very hard (once bruising my skin and breaking the skin leaving beak marks). He was not being vicious in any way at all but just curious – for example biting a freckle on the back of my hand. Caiques are known for nipping but how do you make them understand not to bite your skin too HARD? Being a baby bird he was just innocently exploring with his beak. It hurt bad but I didn’t react at all, but I did put him back in his cage about that time because he seemed to be getting pretty bites/nippy. How do you make baby parrots understand NOT to bite too hard?

    • Nathan Lundholm

      When my friend's son's parrots bit he grabbed their beak, held it closed, and firmly said "No bite!". Four learned not to bite, but one bites before thinking the hangs its head in shame and apologizes by saying "no bite". It feels so human how it does that.

    • Diogo Mendes

      Do you do international calls i might be interested in a call about my cockatiel he is very bity and i ve tried a lot of stuff and nothing has been working

    • Evie Harris

      hi i have a got a bird and i am thinking about getting a clicker where did u get your clicker form thank you i love your videos

    • Janelle Janek

      My 5 month old irns bite me when I'm not paying attention to them straight away when they land on my shoulder or if I give 1 attention before the other the one I believe is female get jealous and bites me or the other one I can't always tell them apart from the front so I don't always guess right

    • Robert Dickson

      Thank you Jamie

    • Samsung Employee

      Or just let the bird bite you untill it realises that it does not bother you. I just let them bite in one hand and try to comb the feathers with my other hand untill it lets me do it, feeling them treats from your lips also helps a lot

    • Zainab Shah

      My cockatoo gets aggressive when we don't pay attention to him, he chases our feet. He also hates it when we clean up his droppings. My bird usually bites bc he loses his balance when we pick him up

    • savannah johns

      My green cheek conure have been very bonded for the past two years and I moved to a new house with him and now every time he sees me he gets angry and goes out of his way to bite me. I’m not sure what to do because this behavior is completely different from before we moved:/

    • Dina P

      I acquired a rehomed Congo African grey a few weeks ago. Everything was going very smoothly until a few days ago. He is not a morning person and prefers to be up late. I’m trying to get his sleep more in line with ours and my other birds. I have started to put him away earlier and he has started biting me every time I put him in his cage. It’s to the point that he latches on HARD and I have to pull his beak off me. he had never bit me before and this is really becoming an issue. He now rarely steps up and prefers my husband because my husband never does anything with him except give him the occasional treat. My husband put him in the cage last night and he didn’t bite, but I think he was confused as to what was happening. I did not punish him or even act bothered when he did bite me and continued doing what I was doing. I knew he wasn’t biting out of fear, but just to get his way. I understand a fearful bird, but this is not that and I am at a loss. Please help! I am tired of having bloodied and bruised hands.

    • Agate Nicola

      I've been following you guys for little wile I watch the episode were u told us about get conure 2 years ago now I have to birds now I just wanted to ask u why my bird will not leave my alone when he's out I would like him to fly more many thanks u have lovely parrots

    • Sunshine Degroat

      Why don't you talk to your bird when your training? I talk to Jojo constantly. He was badly abused by his last two owners so talking let's him know my attitude. After 5 months of bad bites daily he is less fearful and angry.

    • HC Q

      My cockatiel has been biting a lot recently ever since I had to replace his light with an Arcadia Puresun light. The mounting arm is quite close to the top of the cage, where Tweetie Pie likes to hang out. He is awfully close to the light a good part of the day if he is not flying around the room. Do you think this close proximity (which he loves) could be making him hormonal and thus, more bitey? Thanks

    • Tania Eyden

      I need to know how to handle my African grey when I bring it home from the pet shop next week I let it get used to the cage for a few days or allow it to come out the same day?

    • Deborah Dean

      She didnt really say much except reward Calm behavior

    • Ellary Mazerov

      My lovebird wants to be around me constantly, and then he sees my fingers/hand and he bites them as hard and as much as possible

    • Brandon Kellner

      do you know about peacocks. is there a way to stop their food agression?

    • Freddie Crow

      I love you guys and watch a lot of your videos but what seems really insane to me is that you allow your birds to fly free and it’s only going to take one time that a hawk is going to swoop down and you will never see that bird again until it happens you’ll continue doing what you’re doing. I know it’s amazing but you are taking a huge risk. You’ll be heartbroken when it happens.

    • Joulanda Habib

      I got another galah and is with my bird and eveytime I feed him he comes and attack me

    • sisinka uchiha

      My african grey just bit me twice in a row

    • Cas Kay

      Why now just get to the subject and stay on the subject?

    • chris pears

      My 3 mth old GCC just likes to bite… just bite and not let go. Hurts like hell😂

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