PLEASE NOTE.. birds living indoors can prolong mating behaviour, this is due to living in false lighting an temperature conditions, which does not happen in the wild.. Sherbet could be hormonal for a lot longer and more frequently due to his living conditions….. I can only go by my own experience. I am not trying to put people off the caique parrot, I’m just trying to help an educate people. I see so many being rehomed an I understand that many can not cope with caiques, especially when sexual maturity hits…. Sherbets had been rehomed back to us as the person couldn’t cope with his energy, this greatly stressed him out an he plucked his chest feathers but as you can see, they are now growing back thankfully… Sherby will never be rehomed again an remain with us now, it’s soooo good to have him back 😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️

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    • habibimode

      please pronounce the species name correctly otherwise israelis will come and invade your house

    • E H

      I just got another ear piercing from my hormonal caique. He took a certain turn at 5 years old, during the spring and fall.

    • karolina Blachucka

      Angie, thank you for this video. I was already aware that hormonal period can be difficult …and I'm a bit scared…but I'm preparing mentally for it. I don't understand how somebody can abandon his bird …it is natural that they enter maturity and undergo those changes…we should love them with all nice and unpleasant things… Poor Sherby…but luckily he is back with you and you will love him as he deserves

    • Lindy Mansell

      I bought caique a week ago and he went crazy and attacked my head and bit me drew blood

    • Ryan Michalski

      Well that pretty disgusting

    • Ryan Michalski

      Creepy too! Little bastards!!!!!

    • Ryan Michalski

      Way too neurotic for me!

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Hi I have a now 7 week old WB caique I got him at 6weeks and currently hand feeding him , he grew quiet a bit in the last 9days and moves around alot more , My question is at what age do caiques start to hop around?

    • Betzy Calo

      Even if she a girl is the same?

    • Betzy Calo

      Leg that explains why mine is going crazyπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜©

    • Evee NZ

      Sherbet certainly is a busy bird around this time. Love the song he whistles love you 😘

    • Lorna Mackenzie

      Sherbet is such a character. He has a beautiful coloured coat. 🦜

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